Best Damascus Hunting Knives, Part 1.

Best Damascus Hunting Knives, Part 1.

Hunters know very well that one needs a specialized knife to get it the job done seamlessly. This certainly extends to the knives that are carried by a hunter. Not just any knife will do – it needs to be sharp, easy to carry, versatile, and durable.

Damascus steel is known for its ability to hold a sharp edge and maintain its durability, which makes it perfect for making hunting knives. But before you buy a Damascus hunting knife, take the time to familiarize yourself with Damascus steel, hunting knives in general, what to look for when buying a Damascus hunting knife, and how to care for it once you’ve bought the perfect one.

Best Damascus Hunting Knives

So, let’s see some of SAKnives Handmade Damascus hunting knives.

Handmade Twisted Damascus Steel

Best Damascus Hunting Knives, Part 1.

The Damascus Twisted Steel Knife from SAKnives features a 16 cm blade, camel bone handle scales, and a gut hook on the back spine of the knife.

The handle got kind of a classic design that makes it macho and it comes with a leather sheath.

  • The blade is curved for easy skinning.
  • The gut hook on the back spine helps to split and remove the skin, as well as remove the insides of the animal without cutting any of the meat.
  • The camel bone handle is beautiful with its tri-color design, sturdy, and will not retain moisture as much as a wooden handle would.
  • The full tang construction lends strength and stability to the knife.

    Damascus Steel Chef's Cleaver Knife

    Best Damascus Hunting Knives, Part 1.

    This Handmade Steel Chef's Cleaver is largely used as a kitchen or butcher knife intended for hacking through bone. The knife's broad side can also be used for crushing in food preparation (such as garlic).

    With an overall length of 11" and a 6" blade. The handle is made of snake eye hardwood, and the blade features a wavy pattern with loops that give the appearance of bubbles.

    • In the Bowie knife style, the blade’s edge is mostly straight and slightly curved towards the top. This makes it ideal for both skinning and cutting.
    • The Damascus steel bolster and brass inlay make the knife very sturdy.


    Handmade Damascus Bowie Knife

    Best Damascus Hunting Knives, Part 1.

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    The Handmade Damascus Bowie Knife from SAKnives features an 8-inch blade, a walnut wood handle, and a leather sheath. The edge of the blade is curved for skinning, and there is also a straight edge portion for cutting.

    • The knife is multi-purpose, with a curved blade for skinning and a straight edge for cutting. This makes it an excellent all-around knife for hunting.

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