Best Damascus Hunting Knives, Part 2.

Best Damascus Hunting Knives, Part 2.

Handmade Damascus Steel Bowie Knife

Best Damascus Hunting Knives, Part 2.

7 Best Damascus Hunting Knives 2019 4The Handmade Damascus Steel Bowie Knife from SA Knives features an eight-inch blade, with an overall length of 13-inch, Walnut handle, Brass guard and it comes with a leather sheath to get it protected.

The handle is made of walnut hardwood with a fat grip.

The grip on bowie knives is awesome, it something you will definitely fall in love with.

    Damascus Steel Skinner Hunting Knife

    Best Damascus Hunting Knives, Part 2.

    7 Best Damascus Hunting Knives 2019 8

    A skinning knife is always one of the very first things you should buy before the season begins. Quality skinning knives make field chores simpler and more efficient. But it's essential that you are carrying the right knife for the job, and that you understand how to properly care for the blade so it provides years of service.

    Fixed or Folder?

    The primary decision you’ll need to make when choosing a skinning knife is whether you want a fixed or folding blade. Each has its own advantage and disadvantages.

    Fixed-blade knives are rugged and durable, but they aren’t as compact and portable as folders. If you choose a folding knife, you’ll also need to decide what type of locking system suits your needs. Lock-back knives have a lock bar (or rocker) located at the rear of the knife. They are a very common choice for hunters, although liner locks, frame locks, and button locks are all options, too. The key is to determine which style works best for you. In any case, it is essential to keep the locking system clean of meat and grit so that it functions properly.

    What is a Damascus Knife?

    Damascus knives are made of Damascus steel. This name refers to the process of making the knives, rather than a type of steel itself. Damascus steel is typically made by creating an alloy of iron and steel and folding the alloy into layers, or else by layering iron and steel before forging it into swords, knives, and other blades. The number of layers can vary, ranging from around 200 all the way up to one million.

    Best Damascus Hunting Knives, Part 2.

    Because of its iron and steel composition, Damascus steel is very strong and durable. Its most notable characteristic is the pattern that runs throughout the metal, which often resembles a wavy or watery pattern. These types of knives are often custom-made, so each knife will have a distinct and unique pattern.

    Advantages of a Damascus Knife

    There are many advantages to using a Damascus knife, including:

    • Beauty
    • Strength
    • Durability
    • Sharpness
    • Smooth, Flawless Blade


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